Would you like to make the dream makeup of a future bride or admire one of your makeup looks on the catwalk? In this case, you have the chance to give free rein to your creativity thanks to one of our courses belonging to the fascinating world of makeup!

With the courses compiled by professionals, you will discover in a practical way all the techniques for a beautiful look. From beautiful smokey eyes to a cool retro look... you learn it all and conjure up a smile on everyone's face in no time

Select your favorite course from our range of professional home courses, virtual classes and group courses and enroll. This way you can learn all about the wondrous art of makeup and transform yourself into an accomplished makeup artist who makes everyone look great!

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  Do you want to become a makeup artist or work in fashion? To help brides look beautiful on their big day and prepare celebrities for events? Our school gives you the skills you need to work at a fashion agency or even start your own beauty salon. Once you have your diploma and the skills that come with it, your future is up to you! The possibilities are endless.  

A good foundation is everything. I find that students from this school really do have an edge over other makeup artists. They master the techniques perfectly and know their trade inside out. I would definitely recommend doing an internship during your studies. You will learn to work in a professional environment and to deal with clients or models. A real asset on your resume! - employerSpeaks

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It is crucial for makeup artists to keep up with the latest trends because they are constantly changing. Therefore, find the right channels to get inspired. Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube let you dream here. But who knows, you may soon be setting the trends yourself!

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Cosmetic brands are increasingly turning to natural ingredients, biodegradable products and sustainable packaging to reduce their impact on the environment. Certain brands are leading by example and are going completely 'zero waste', meaning they are free of (plastic) waste. In addition to the focus on the environment, there is also an increasing concern for animals. More and more brands are putting an end to animal testing. The makeup industry also places more importance on diversity and inclusivity. As a result, the days when makeup was just for women are far behind us. These important shifts gained momentum after pop star Rihanna launched her inclusive brand Fenty Beauty in 2017.

I enrolled in a basic course purely out of interest in makeup. The teacher and the motivation of my fellow students immediately made me dream of a career as a makeup artist. Shortly after I enrolled in the all-round course and worked on my portfolio. Thanks to the excellent advice of the teachers, I now have my first big job! - exStudentSpeaking

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Thomas Verlinden


Our makeup courses are very popular with our students. Some want to learn to make themselves better, others have a professional career in mind. Our instructors ensure that you quickly master different styles and techniques. Success guaranteed!


  • L'Oréal is the largest and best-known makeup brand. The company was founded in 1909 by a French chemist.
  • The makeup world also has its own celebs: Bobbi Brown, Pat McGrath, Tom Pecheux and Charlotte Tilbury, among others, have long proven their skills and continue to influence the MUAs of today.
  • As a makeup artist, you take into account the clothing that a model or client will wear, but you also need to be able to think ahead based on the situation.