Psychology & Therapy

Psychology & Therapy

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of human psychology? Better understand the beings around you thanks to new techniques such as Mindfulness or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)? So follow one of our exciting training that will take you into the mysteries of psychology.

Through our practice-oriented courses, learn how to provide professional answers to the different personal problems of your clients and guide them in their family or professional relationships ... Thanks to our different choices of learning developmental therapy techniques staff, as well as the advice of our teachers, you will prepare yourself for a new career in which you will help others in the face of life's difficulties.

Choose a course wisely from our wide range of courses and choose a better future.

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Qualified professionals make sure that you learn everything about the course you decide to sign up for. The diploma you get after you graduate is highly valued by the business world. Therefore, it opens many doors and there is always a job for you!

Our sector requires our employees to take courses every once in a while. This is important because you need to keep yourself sharp and ahead of developments and discoveries in the industry. Since distance learning courses are popular, that's the option we trust. The ability to learn and improve yourself professionally on your own schedule, without losing time with your family, is invaluable. - employerSpeaks

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In recent years, mental health has been getting the attention it deserves. Population and staff happiness rankings are plentiful, and countries and companies around the world are competing for a happier population. We've put mental health in the spotlight, and it's both talked about and respected for its relevance to our daily lives. Gaining valuable insights into the human psyche - both your own and of those around you - is amazing.

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There are many mental health websites and apps of varying effectiveness out there. But they still need to improve if they want to be a challenge for a genuine mental health expert. Remember also that the psychology field changes often with new revelations. Every day, we come closer to the reveal of human secrets, the human brain, and its deeper functions. Entering the mental health industry all but guarantees you an interesting future, one full of challenges, discoveries, and satisfaction.

As a therapist, I've seen the need for continuous training first-hand. Every once in a while, I encounter a situation that I need to study about in order to overcome. That's the moment I take another course and get back up to speed. I like how straightforward it is - I just buy the course and it's there, on my computer. I look at it whenever I have time after work or on weekends. - exStudentSpeaking

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Thomas Verlinden


For centuries, scientists have been fascinated by the human brain. We have a supercomputer in our heads. If you are curious as to what secrets it holds, if you want to reveal them and discover the causes behind different behaviors - then these courses are for you.


  • Your memories are linked to emotion. The stronger the emotion, the more likely you are to remember the experience that causes it.
  • Studies show that our ability to focus on something peaks after 10 minutes.
  • Do you daydream? The average person spends 30% of their day daydreaming.
  • Most of the choices we make on a daily basis are on autopilot, and we rarely think about them.