Personal Development

Personal Development

Have you heard of Mindfulness and Neuro-linguistic programming? You probably have.

But do you actually know what they’re about?

There are many amazing techniques you get the chance to use to immensely improve your life, and help others do the same. This is your chance to uncover the key to using them effectively.

With our practice-oriented courses, you can peek behind the curtain of the human psyche. Find out how to live your dream life- and, if you want, confidently guide others toward theirs. Find the way to a fulfilling family life, as well as professional success.

Take a look at our course range, choose the one that interests you, and sign up. Sign up and discover your amazing new life!

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We want to achieve our goals and follow our dreams. Coaches and therapists fulfill an important social role in that. They help us overcome every challenge. You get the chance to become one of them the moment you join our school. When you graduate from your course, you get a professional diploma. It is a valuable and useful certificate that opens many doors in the business world.

“In large companies like ours, it is always good to keep our employees in stable mental condition. We get better and better at handling it. All our HR managers have completed the stress management course at the learning centre – and the results are easy to see. Staff is happier than ever, and employees stay in our company. The ability to foster and keep our talent with us helps us grow as a company.” - employerSpeaks

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The modern person is goal-oriented. People have dreams and they strive toward them. The right therapist helps them stay in the right headspace to achieve those goals. Of course, everyone realizes that mental coaches and therapists are highly respected and sought-after experts.

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Therapy and mental health are getting the attention they deserve. Companies look for ways to combine productivity and growth with a good work-life balance. There are some apps and websites that try to help people with their mental health, but an actual therapy session with a trained expert is still better.

“As an NLP expert, I’ve had years full of work. I’m getting recruited by more companies than ever. The online certification I completed was a great boost to my career – it helped me be ready for everything my job brings me. The knowledge is really valuable.“ - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Our registration numbers are a testament to the growing need for therapists and mental health experts. Our sources in the industry serve to confirm this. Our courses are a great step for anyone who wants to become a better coach or leader, as well.


  • More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies employ a coach or therapist
  • Research shows that over 98% of clients that used a therapist's services made positive life changes thanks to that
  • According to estimates, therapists bring about a 500% return of investment