Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! Saying hello in another language is beautiful, but continuing the conversation often proves more interesting. Do you have a flair for languages? Are you up for a new challenge? Start learning a new language today!

Learning a new language is an investment that pays off immediately and opens doors both in your private and in your professional life. To have more than one language in your CV makes it easier to meet new people in our world, study at a foreign university, travel around the globe, talk to locals, or find a new job in a company with international stakeholders.

Whether you like to brush up on your French or want to learn an entirely new language, our home courses offer a quick and accessible way to expand your language skills. Enroll today!

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Language knowledge is essential for building a successful relationship with foreign business partners. Big companies realize that. Language skills are a valuable skill on any modern professional's CV. If you want to work in the corporate world, speaking a foreign language (or several) puts you ahead of the competition. If you want to work directly with languages, there are many position. Be responsible for international communication in a company, or work in the sector of tourism. Be a part of a company’s customer service on an international level. Forge your own path and create a business. In today's global age, a foreign language is an asset in any major corporation!

A language certificate on a CV is a great way for candidates to stand out when they apply for a job. Being able to speak multiple languages indicates that someone is motivated, trustworthy, and capable of memorizing important things. Every company is happy to hire employees like this! - employerSpeaks

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More people than ever set out to learn a language on their own. Home courses are a convenient way of accessing high-quality resources on your own terms. Of course, there are many language-learning apps and resources of varying quality out there. Choosing our eCampus is integral to your success. Choose our courses that give you access to a good variety of resources and are taught by reliable experts.

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Europe's language sector has a growth of more than 10% per year. Due to technological advancements, people nowadays have more opportunities than ever to learn. A good example of this is gamification. You learn a language by playing games that are created in it! Learning is now fun and accessible. You also study a language by playing word games or taking quizzes.

We're a big company, and we operate in several countries. I resort to online translating software daily. After a while, I discovered the perfect solution. I recently took a language course at Coursle, and it has really helped me start connecting to some of the people in the other offices. I strongly recommend these courses. - exStudentSpeaking

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In a business environment, being bilingual puts you ahead. Use your language skills in your work - for example when you travel for a business trip or when you meet new customers from around the world. The best part? Anyone is able to learn a language. All you need is one of our home courses!


- More than 7000 languages are spoken worldwide
- Half of them have an official written form
- The most commonly spoken languages are Mandarin, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French
- About 25% of the world's population is fluent in English
- Studies show that Chinese and Arabic are two of the most challenging languages to learn