Cooking & Baking

Cooking & Baking

Are you a true gourmet who dreams of working professionally in the kitchen? Do you want to open your own restaurant, pastry shop, or cupcake shop to sell your creations? Give free rein to your creativity and choose one of our courses in the field of “Cooking & Baking” in order to become a culinary expert.

Based on our professional courses by specialists in the field, you learn all the knowledge and techniques you need for a successful career. Delight your taste buds and those of others with the most surprising dishes and concepts.

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Find out how to prepare mouthwatering dishes for every palette. A professional certificate with your name on it enables you to build a career at a restaurant or even open up your own - the choice is yours! Our courses are specifically designed to give you all the ingredients to cook up a successful career!

Most restaurants try to expand their menu with traditional local/artisanal dishes. When prepared well, they're a pleasant surprise for customers and usually become the most popular dishes. Anyone who wants a successful career in the kitchen must try new innovative recipes. This is why our sector usually hires graduates from Coursle. - employerSpeaks

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As a chef, you must regularly keep an eye on the trends that define today's cuisine. Every year, several trends dominate kitchens, bars, patisseries, and restaurants. Consumers today are becoming more sensitive to dishes with unique flavors and an authentic story. More and more restaurants are opting for food that tastes and looks homemade but could just as easily be found in the frozen section at the store. Many supermarkets now also specialize to please the home cook. Natural ingredients are increasingly taken into account. Vegan products in particuar are gaining more attention these days. Wild foods, foraging, and vegetables are also taking an increasingly prominent place in today's cuisine. Meat is still commonly eaten, but that of great quality, not highly processed and from sustainable sources is preferred.

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There are already a lot of cool innovations and developments that we use during cooking. For example, the cooktops that contain an integrated assistant. They give step-by-step guidance in everything you do. Various sensors monitor your cooking process and assist you when necessary. They suggest the ideal temperature and timing and set it for you. There are also quite a few kitchen robots that perfectly assist a chef during the preparation of meals.

I have been working in my own business for about a little over a year. Through various experiences and contacts with my customers, we have changed our menu several times during the year. We have evolved towards refined cuisine in an accessible and cozy setting. We now offer creative dishes prepared in a traditional and original way. We really notice that our customers attach great importance to intense yet fresh flavor combinations. With each dish on the menu, from appetizer to dessert, you will find a tip as well as additional information about the dishes. If you plan to switch up your menu regularly, it's necessary to know the latest food trends and keep your skills up to date. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


There is a lot of demand for professional chefs. With the increasing supply of restaurants, that demand is also going to new heights. A chef must know about different markets to make the best use of his/her qualities. With the skills you learn in one of our courses, you work wherever you want. The sector is very broad and offers a lot of perspectives.


  • Bananas and cucumbers are considered berries because their seeds are incorporated into the flesh.
  • More than 40% of restaurants today have an open fire. It is an ancient style of cooking that adds flavor and connects and entertains guests.
  • A chef's hat is also called a toque.
  • About a thousand pounds of food and drink pass through your body each year, almost half of which is liquid.