Events & Organization

Events & Organization

Do you have fun organizing parties with your friends? Or do you love to animate a children's party with beautiful faces made up? Think of professionalizing yourself as an event organizer. A course in the "Event Organization" field is the best choice for your future.

Through our home courses, learn how to sharpen your organizational talent and use it in a variety of ways to become an expert in the profession, from organizing trips to weddings. Each of our courses offers a specific overview of a particular sector and teaches you all the secrets to managing an event to perfection!

Choose from our range of courses and prepare yourself in an intensive and professional way to start in this fantastic sector.

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Many companies are now considering the way they communicate and are fully committed to events. They also realize that good organization is necessary for both communication and public image. As an expert in events, you set up a professional event from A to Z. You start with a creative idea and let your creativity flourish. As an event planner, you are on top of the latest trends, ensuring a fantastic execution and a smart marketing approach! Each company is, therefore, a long way ahead with your skills. With a diploma from our school you show your customers or future employers that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start professionally in the world of events.

Events are composed based on experience. Why should a customer go to your event in particular? That is one of the questions that every organizer should know the answer to. Nowadays, something extra has to go into the event for the guests to save a precious spot of free time in their schedules. That is what makes working in this sector so challenging and exciting. By regularly training and studying, you become stronger at handling projects. Apply now and secure yourself a job with a future! - employerSpeaks

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Many new trends emerge every year in the world of events. Some of them continue, others are completely new. Knowledge of the most popular trends helps influence and shape your events to make them even more memorable for you and your guests. Nowadays, for example, a lot of use is made of game-changers. Customers and employees like being challenged. In this trend, you apply game techniques in other environments. Bingo during your meetings, a quiz during your conference, a savings campaign to win something during your festival, etc. Personalization is also a very popular trend in the event industry. Personalized emails, invitations, campaigns, content, registrations, ads, calendars, and apps are becoming a trend for data-driven insights.

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The event industry is hugely innovative. People nowadays want to be amazed. They want a WOW moment, for example, by using the very latest technological possibilities and innovative developments. As an event planner, you can work with the latest, exciting event technology. The technological developments in the world of events are going very fast. Many of the technologies are different from the influence industry, but some trends indeed add something interesting to it. VR, or virtual reality, has been on the rise for several years now because of the fun experience it gives users. When a person puts on a VR headset, they get to see images in 360 degrees. This way you experience an event intensely from any location. Frequency Identification technology is also on the rise. With the help of a chip that is processed in name cards or wristbands, you collect a lot of information about your guests and the course of your event. Discover all of the exciting developments in the world of events! Start your training in event organization today.

My first event was as a brand new commercial director. The need to create something amazing is still in me. Working in the events sector is more than a job - it is a passion. I enjoy so much variety and meeting so many wonderful people. They are all passionate and talented. I love being one of them! - exStudentSpeaking

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Thomas Verlinden


The demand for training to become an event manager remains enormous. Events continue to be an essential tool in the communication between companies and their customers. Our courses are all about originality and creativity. We enroll a vast number of students with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. This is what makes them so unique in the labor market.


  • In the world of events you have a lot of variation: One day you are be busy checking a new location, attending a demonstration of a new tech tool, having a meeting with a customer or agency and or be brainstorming about a new event. Variety is what makes life exciting and event planning certainly does!
  • Event planning makes you travel all over the world. From a party in your own city, or a wedding in another country, you always go to exciting and interesting locations and destinations.
  • Those who express themselves creatively, are happier and often have a more balanced life, so as an event planner you get the best of both worlds.
  • Event planning has a lot of flexibility: you actually do your work anywhere.