Fashion & Styling

Fashion & Styling

Do you like when somebody asks you if they should wear olive green or bright red? Do you want to be the one who is responsible for people who always seem to wear the perfect outfit anytime, anywhere? With our comprehensive courses in the Fashion & Styling category, you turn yourself into a first-class fashionista!

Learn all essential styles and techniques that you need to make a career for yourself in the challenging and exotic sector of beauty and fashion. With our courses, you learn to put together dazzling outfits for everyone and send your clients out the door sparkling.

Take a look at our wide range of home study courses and pick the right one that teaches you the right skills to land you your dream job in this attractive field.

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Together with other fashionistas you learn how to make a perfect look in a professional way. With our courses, you make others or yourself shine from head to toe. Just think of the hair, make-up, outfits and even your accessories with a delicious perfume! Do you want to make a real online business with your stylings? We also offer you the ideal training for this! With a training as a digital influencer, you show your styling to thousands of followers! The courses are very practical, so you learn a lot. Professional color and style analysis, personal shopping, etc. after the last lesson, you do it all! Get started as a Make-up artist, style consultant, color consultant, hairdresser, fashion designer, digital influencer, personal shopper, or the job you want! The possibilities are infinity!

"In fact, being creative is always a requirement to get started in fashion. But you also have to manage social media, launch media campaigns, and focus specifically on one thing within fashion. There are a lot of possibilities. The most important thing to have is passion! ” - employerSpeaks

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Do you also love the latest trends and fashionable details? Then you've come to the right place! As a fashion specialist, you ensure that your styling is always up-to-date with the latest fashion! We are a hugely creative continent from which a lot of talent and quality comes and continues to emerge. In recent years, fashion courses have regained enormous success. The business has evolved enormously. Jump right into an exciting career!

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New technologies help brands, designers and merchants improve themselves and upgrade the entire customer experience and value proposition. The biggest advantage of technology in fashion is the ability to provide consistency and to personalize. Consider, for example, 'augmented reality'. L'Oréal is one of many cosmetics companies offering AR-focused apps that allow people to easily test different combinations of makeup products. In this way, designers and stylists also know more efficiently whether a color is successful or not. Fashion weeks are now going digital. Traditional fashion shows are increasingly being replaced by digital 3D fashion shows. Designers can virtually share their ideas and showcase their collections. Discover more innovations for yourself during our training courses in the fashion & styling category!

"For more than 15 years I have been professionally and especially passionate about fashion & styling. I like a personal, authenticm and spontaneous approach. I want to coach as many women and men as possible towards their most beautiful selves. I am currently advicing about the correct color choice for both clothing and make-up and I analyze people step by step to give them the perfect style according to their figure and personality. That's what I love about my profession! " - exStudentSpeaking

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Thomas Verlinden


If you are a real fashion enthusiast then you should definitely take a look at the courses in this category! You ensure that you emphasize clothes and beautiful body shapes for yourself and for your clients with tricks that flatter every body type. Our teachers teach you to showcase your client's natural personality traits or put yourself in the spotlight with appropriate styling and a stylish wardrobe. You will be taught by real experts who teach you the coolest tips & tricks! In addition, you also choose to consider a course for starting up and running your own business, in addition to the facets of fashion styling for customers. After following this full-time day course, you receive a certificate in Business Management. This is how you start a successful business!


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