Do you want to help people overcome their difficulties? Does it appeal to you to coach adolescents to live better? Or help adults with their career? Then one of our courses in the Coaching area is the ideal choice for you for a surefire and positive future for yourself and others!

Coaching is very varied and takes place in different areas, from tobacco control to the desire to lead a greener life, you have the chance to help people in many ways.

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The demand for relaxation, mindfulness, and awareness increases - and for experts to help us achieve that. That's where coaches come in. They motivate people, keep them grounded, and help them achieve their goals. Do you want to be one of these coaches? Do you want to help others for a living? This course offers you an amazing opportunity to start a new career!

Our sector is highly concerned about the well-being of its employees. This is why we always hire different types of coaches to help them go through different challenges. We see that with the help of this school's graduates, our work ethic improves on a daily basis. - employerSpeaks

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Mindfulness and relaxation have a place in everyone's mind these days. But coaching is more than that. A coach helps you make the right career moves, have a good rest, or finally teaches you how to be more assertive. As a coach you are a confident motivator. More and more people realize this. The demand for coaches, both from employees and employers, increases year after year.

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People look for mental counseling. They do so to achieve inner peace or certain goals. Human contact is more suitable for this than the use of technological gadgets. A specialized coach is the one who provides it. As a coach you help people find peace of mind and motivation. In this way they can achieve success in no time, both personally and professionally.

I am experiencing tremendous benefits from my assertiveness training. I am now finally doing my dream job, have more responsibility and also earn more than ever before. The training was the push I needed for years. Thanks a lot! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The demand for coaches continues to rise. Employees and employers are more likely to take the step toward help, and the resulting positive word-of-mouth advertising ensures that as a starting coach, you get a competitive salary.


  • Mindfulness increases your ability to concentrate.
  • People who create a plan for the future tend to be more successful than others. They stay focused on their goals longer and are more likely to achieve them.