Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting

Would you like to express all your bubbling ideas in professionally designed posters or brochures? Are your fingers itching to create beautiful designs in SketchUp 3D? Would you like to bring your fantastic designs to life through flashy work that exudes creativity in all its facets? Then follow one of our courses that introduce you to the fantastic world of Drawing and Painting and give color to your new career.

Thanks to our practical courses, you will finally let your creativity run free and discover a new specialty. With all these new techniques at your disposal, you will be ready to turn your passion into your profession.

One thing is certain: after one of our home courses, you can really show your artistry to the outside world! You will be fully prepared for a career in this fantastic sector.

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2 homestudies



2 homestudies


These courses are the perfect way for an artist to get a professional foundation. A certificate in your pocket is your stepping stone to a career or even a freelance business. Some of our students are currently employed as children's books artists or cartoonists.

Successful professional artists need two things - talent and knowledge. People develop their talent by practicing under the right supervision, and knowledge is gained by learning. The students here have the perfect combination of both and are primed to advance in the field. - employerSpeaks

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Many artists have started doing time-lapses on social media, showing their skills in accelerated videos. It's a way to show their own work while inspiring others. Also, cartoonists are now building stable careers as they are becoming more and more sought after .

Drawing & Painting, hundredPercentOfTheTime

For the longest time, art and technology were two completely different things. That has changed. In addition to large animation studios, novice illustrators are taking advantage of it and have access to useful apps or online tools for their art. Think of it as a plus and use it to your advantage!

For several years, I kept thinking about taking drawing lessons, but I was always too busy. I finally bit the bullet and invested in a home course - and good thing I did. The teacher was helpful and the program let me move at my own pace. I learned so many techniques and took my talent further than I thought was possible. What started as a casual hobby has led to me having my own studio, and I'm actually planning an exhibition soon! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


These courses make you acquainted with the technical and creative aspects of drawing and sketching. You keep track of your progress in a personal diary. Students take these courses as a way to start a new career – they are relaxing, useful, and provide a creative outlet that leaves you with some beautiful new artworks. Part of the course revolves around helping you understand the professional drawing world and any career opportunities that lie within it. How do you land your first client? How do you start your first art book? How does even get started as a self-employed artist? We have the answers here.


  • Drawing makes you happy. Literally! Your brain produces extra happiness hormones when you draw.
  • The oldest drawing ever recovered is a cave painting of a human hand.
  • There is a rumor that Leonardo Da Vinci's world-famous Vitruvian Man is actually a self-portrait.
  • The pencil is an English invention. In 1564, a bar of graphite was encased in a wooden stick for the first time.
  • Walt Disney learned to draw cartoons through a written course and he honed his skills by going to art school.