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Hello. My name is Abigail and thanks to this school Bridal Wear Design course I am a certified bridal wear designer. And I am only 19 years old. I always take my work seriously, because for every woman the wedding day is the most important one in her life. You know, the dress, the closest relatives, the lifetime partner. It all becomes one on that day.

I am so happy with every dress that I make. I put so much effort and my soul into every single one of them. My clients come to me with their ideas. We often spend hours on the sketch of the project before I make it.

Wedding trends

The most popular colours for a wedding dress that my customers often order are white, red, green and even black sometimes. Yeah, even black. This colour is so popular among people who love rock music. They often change it because of religion, culture, and in today’s world – because of the bride's interest.

Bridal wear designer

But what are the components of a beautiful bridal dress? In my opinion, those are the bodice, the sleeves (some brides prefer sleeveless dresses), the neckline, the hemline, and the straps. But there are different styles, and some consider.

But this is more than a work for me – it is my call. I love to create my own dresses. I always read bridal magazines to gain some new ideas and to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Still, the most important thing for bridal wear is the veil, because of what it symbolizes – modesty and obedience. It also has a religious symbolism – in many of them it is considered a symbol of reverence for women to cover their heads.

But we live in the 21st century and some women prefer other outfits. So I also design suits. It is pretty modern to attend your wedding in a bridal suit these days.


  • Do a professional figure and model analysis
  • Professional pattern drawing of wedding dresses and lingerie
  • Effortlessly and intuitively selecting the perfect fabric for the client
  • Design, manufacture and retouch beautiful wedding dresses and lingerie

Bridal Wear Design, aProfession


  • Diploma
  • courseTypeH
  • 3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • €239


  • History of the bridal gown
  • Trends of the past years
  • The world of fabrics
  • Models dresses, underskirts and lingerie
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Size Charts
  • Career Opportunities
  • Starting as an independent Wedding Designer



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