The important job of a burnout coach


Burnout coaches have an important role in today’s world. You know, our days go faster and faster, years too, sometimes we need to stop to take a break, but we often forget to do so. We need someone to help us overcome this and teach us how to be happy again. Burnout coaches help us with this and teach us how to calm ourselves when we need to.

They help us reduce the long-term effects of continuous work, a lot of tasks, and challenges. Burnout coaches support their clients and make sure they become strong and healthy. That way, they are ready to face the tasks and challenges that their jobs and lives have for them. And in this learning centre we have the course that teaches you all of that.

Burnout coaches help us turn our everyday challenges into blue skies and sunshine. This way we stay focused, improve our social life, and do better at our jobs. They are an irreplaceable part of every healthy society in the 21st century.

Consider a career as a burnout coach

The most important thing about the profession of a burnout coach is that they are an important part of every major company. Big businesses have a lot of stuff to do and they usually have big teams that are responsible for different tasks. But sometimes there is a big client, or something important that must be done as soon as possible.


Burnout coach


This is when a burnout coach steps in. It is important for this job to manage to help employees and even the employers stay in line and overcome the working tasks. And with always growing economies, this job has a future. So, you definitely should consider a career in this sector. And we at this school are here to help.

Only for the price of 269.00 you receive everything you need to start a successful career as a burnout coach. That includes a virtual and physical coursebook, personal guidance for a whole year, and exclusive access to our eCampus platform. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


  • You master numerous conversation and coaching techniques
  • G-thinking? you know everything about it
  • You breathe assertiveness and self-control
  • You recognize signs of a burnout in a timely manner
  • You prevent burn-outs through conversation and coaching
  • You support employees to come back energetically

Burn-out Coach, aProfession


  • Diploma
  • courseTypeH
  • 3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • €269


  • What is burn-out?
  • High sensitivity
  • Understanding burnout
  • Understanding your strength
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Burn-out and NLP
  • Close stakeholders and relationship problems
  • Reintegration
  • Relapse prevention
  • Curative and preventive programs
  • Working as a coach



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