From secretary to office manager

14/04/2021 Amari Lindroos

Charissa graduated from high school in 2014, but she decided not to pursue higher education. "I was tired of school" - she says. "I wanted to start working as soon as possible. And since I was still living with my mother with no plans to move out, she appreciated me pulling my weight". Charissa soon became a receptionist at her old school - a job that, in her own words, wasn't perfect for her, but it was a steady source of income.

"I was excited to be making money, and it was nice to end up at a place I already knew. It felt good giving something back to the school that taught me so much. And yet, I quickly realized I wasn't ready for my new position. I had a lot to learn - it was sink or swim. I decided to keep learning.". That's how Charissa found Coursle, where she learned French, improved her business English, and honed her computer skills. Pretty soon, she was managing the school's front office like a fish in water. 

Still, a few years later, she found herself longing for something more. That coincided with a time of change in her life - she was about to move in with her girlfriend. Overall, a new job seemed par for the course. The job she had then had no room for growth, so she took the leap: "Just before I moved in with my girlfriend, I quit my job. That was a risky move, but I felt it was the right one. My potential was being underutilized." At that point, Charissa remembered about our courses This time, she had her eye on a different industry - she dove right into our management and business administration courses. 

"I suspected I'd have to start over, and I was right. My new job was entry-level - I was a bank receptionist. Thankfully, my hard work, combined with all the certifications on my CV, helped me stand out, and I was given a chance to prove myself". Now, less than 5 years later, Charissa is an office manager with 10 underlings under her supervision. "I'm finally where I want to be. It took guts, persistence and hard work, but I did it. And your courses helped me get here" 


  • Professional mailing / writing letters, calling and presenting
  • Juggling Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for daily and more complex tasks
  • Business communication with international customers / suppliers in foreign languages

Office Manager Allround, aProfession


  • Diploma
  • courseTypeH
  • 9-12 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • cpAllroundCourse
  • €990


  • Module: Basic Administration
  • Module: Word
  • Module: Excel
  • Module: Outlook
  • Module: Powerpoint
  • Module: Elective course Business French OR Business English



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