Do you want to revoke your enrolment?

Since all our professional training courses are intended for people with a professional purpose in mind, no right of withdrawal is possible for these courses. In the exceptional case that you still register as a consumer for a hobby course and have not downloaded any electronic didactic material on a non-material medium and that you have not given your consent to lose the right of withdrawal or that you have not broken a seal of our material data carriers containing the electronic didactic material or that there was no personalized character with regard to the composition of the training and the guidance of your lecturer or that it is not a service agreement with regard to leisure activities, you have a period of at least 14 days within which your agreement, without payment of costs other than provided by law and without any statement of a motive, can be revoked. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform the school by a signed letter or e-mail through an unambiguous statement of your decision to cancel the contract. You can use the following model withdrawal form below, but you are not obliged to do so.

To: [address], fax: [number], e-mail: [e-mail]: I / we (*) please share / share (*) that I / we (*) our agreement concerning the sale of recall / revoke the following goods (*): - ordered on / received at (*) - your name (s): - Your address: - Your signature (only when this form is submitted on paper) - Date (*) Delete what is not applies to.

Be sure to read our general terms and conditions and contact us to find a customer-friendly solution that suits you. You can always postpone or move your course. And why not choose a different course?