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Accessible, flexible and affordable education - that's what we stand for. Low expenses plus a good income are a straight road to financial freedom


From secretary to office manager

Follow the story of Charissa, the secretary who worked her way up to office manager. Find out what challenges lie on the path to success and how she overcame them


Write a success story with your talent!

As a writer you are not limited to writing books. You can also work as a writer in the business world. Do you want to build a career with your writing talent? Find out in this blog where you can go!


Earn money with beauty tutorials

Do you want to begin a digital career as vlogger or YouTuber and do you have a passion for beauty care? Beauty tutorials keep gaining popularity and content creators are making good money. In this blog we teach you step by step how to start doing it yourself.


Companies need freelancers and career switchers!

The business world faced many changes in the recent months. In the professional business world there are currently a lot of opportunities and changes that you can respond to perfectly. As a freelancer or as an employee. Discover in this blog which sectors are booming within the business world!