Professional education and official international certification at the lowest price on the market.

How do we do that?

We buy our materials in bulk, which lets us reduce printing expenses. We’ve also developed our own digital learning platform – that you’ll get unlimited access to.We’re in close partnership with the over 600 teachers we work with, which allows us to easily select the best expert for each of our courses.

Lowest price guarantee

We make sure that you're getting our services at the lowest price anyone can offer for such a comprehensive package. Please bear in mind that the prices in our locations may differ from the prices on the website, as we offer limited time offers and promotions online.

We compare our prices to the cost of identical courses organized by other training providers in the same province, and subject by the same regulations as {$company.Name}.

By “identical training”, we mean:

  • an entire course with a curriculum, course contents and objectives 100% identical to the course offered by {$company.Name}
  • is given by the same type of trainers, namely independent entrepreneurs with at least 3 years self-employed experience in the field
  • has been put on the European market in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations
  • includes at least an equal number of teaching hours and related services, warrantees and service conditions (*)

A combination between top quality and best price

(*) By the same warrantees and service conditions we mean the following benefits that following a course at {$company.Name), with an 9001:2015, gets you: 
  • You’ll learn from handpicked entrepreneurs, each of which has at least 3 years of professional experience in their field 
  • You’ll receive a printed, bound course book 
  • You’ll gain access to learning materials and exercises at no extra cost 
  • You get exclusive access to a state-of-the-art digital platform for up to 5 years after graduating 
  • In addition to all that, you’re getting several commercial guarantees. Having unlimited exam retakes guarantees you’ll succeed in passing it. And, as soon as you graduate, you get access to recognized professional association that resides in the Belgian Supreme Court For the Self-employed and SME.

Did you notice a lower price somewhere else before enrolling with us?

Notify the administration office or call us at {$company.Phone}

Already enrolled, but found a lower price?

In this case, there are 4 options:

  • You enrolled on-site at one of our locations and have since found a lower registration fee for a competing institution meeting the terms above?
  • We’ll refund you the difference, if the competing lower fee was valid at the time of your enrollment and their course effectively took place 
  • You enrolled via our website and you’ve found a lower price for an identical training as described above, taking place at the same time in Belgium, on a competitor’s website? As long as the lower registration fee was valid at the time of your enrollment, and the competitor’s course took place, we’ll refund you the difference. 
  • You enrolled on-site at one of our locations and found a lower registration fee on a competitor’s website. This is not covered by the lowest price guarantee 
  • You enrolled on our website and have found a lower registration fee for an identical course at a competing location? This is not covered by the lowest price guarantee.