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A healthy and balanced life? Everyone wants that! A balanced diet is the key to balance your life. Because of the pressure at work or with the family, people have little time to be actively involved with food. The demand for bite-sized nutritional advice is growing more every year. With a home training to become a Nutritionist you respond perfectly to that demand!

During this course you will learn everything about healthy food, including nutrition for children, athletes or those who are on a diet. You will discover how to draw up personalized nutrition plans that respond to the wishes of every customer. This way you are able to guide everyone to a fitter, more vital and happier life.This all-round expertise makes you a sought-after Nutrition Coach!

  • to learn everything about healthy food and specialized nutrition
  • to know how to prepare nutrition plans and give educated advice
  • to guide people towards a healthier and happier life
  • to start a career as a professional Nutritionist, in main or secondary occupation
  • to study comfortably at home, at your own pace, and in your own way


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Weight Loss Consultant
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A healthy mind in a healthy body. This age-old credo is still extremely relevant to this day and you can pick it up handy. We often forget to take care of our bodies because of overcrowded agendas and so we often fall into unhealthy habits. Time to tackle that!

Do you feel called upon to guide others towards a healthier lifestyle? Whether it is about getting rid of excess pounds or adjusting someone's unhealthy diet: thanks to the training course {$course.CourseName} you become the ideal point of contact.

During this course you will learn more about nutrients and what they do with our body. But the psychological side of food is also not overlooked. At the end of the ride you can provide everyone with a nutrition plan to his or her size.


Child Nutrition Consultant
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cpObligatoryChildCapital: Child Nutrition Consultant

Sweets and fast foods are lurking everywhere and cause overweight in children. In addition, eating patterns in your childhood have a persistent impact on your health and well-being throughout your later life. Professional nutritional advice is essential and much in demand today.

Are you eager to give children the right baggage to eat healthily?

After this practice-oriented home course prepare balanced nutrition plans for all ages, from baby to adolescent. From home and at your own pace you develop yourself into a professional Child Nutrition Advisor with one clear mission: to make our youth buzz with energy, for life!


Organic Food
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cpObligatoryChildCapital: Organic Food

Those who live healthy will feel happier and more energetic. Fresh and natural food is an essential part of such a healthy life. Do you want to change your lifestyle and feel better? As a Nutritionist or slimming consultant, would you like to assist clients with professional nutritional advice? Then this homeschooling is made for you!

The course teaches you all about digestion, natural nutrients and their positive impact on the body, also with cholesterol or diabetes. In addition, the course offers you original recipes and simple cooking tips. You quickly conjure wonderfully healthy dishes on the plate. This way you have the knowledge and skills to consciously optimize your own eating habits, or that of customers!


Sports Nutrition Advisor
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cpObligatoryChildCapital: Sports Nutrition Advisor

Healthy and balanced diet is important for every athlete. With the right diet, athletes can significantly improve their performance. This home course teaches you how to draw up personalized feeding schedules for top and hobby athletes.

During this training you learn everything about the energy consumption of the body. You study the components of food and discover their specific effect and impact on the body. You also learn to distinguish between strength, endurance and team sport, and between training and competition moments.

As a Sports Nutrition Advisor you offer athletes a targeted individual guidance. In this way you help athletes to rise above themselves and ultimately to break that long-awaited record!


Nutritionist Allround evening school
  • Give customized nutrition advice and draw up appropriate nutrition schedules? You can do it all!
  • Help people to choose and prepare healthy and delicious food
  • Expertly supervise athletes, children or people on a diet
Adult education Nutritionist Allround
  • Nutritionist in a health center or fitness club
  • Diet cook in a restaurant or specialty store
  • Author of cookbooks for children, athletes, ...
  • Independent nutrition consultant

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You can get started right after your registration! The digital course will be on your profile page and on the online student platform within the minute. The paper version will be posted immediately. So that is quickly in your mailbox. From day one, experienced subject teachers assist you through the online student platform. You can contact them for feedback, tips and answers to all your questions. That way you will never be alone! Thanks to the flexibility of a home study, you study where and when you want. If you are ready, take your exams at one of our exam locations. Passed for all modules? Congratulations, you will receive the diploma Nutritionist Allround!



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