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Reading is fun, writing is great! Do you want to publish your own story? Do you want to learn how to get started? Then this home course is really your thing! Ideal for those who like to write, bubbles with ideas and conjures with words.

During the training you learn all the techniques to write a cohesive and compelling story. There is also attention for story lines, genres and fluent language. The course provides you with tools to overcome your writer's block.

All you need is a notebook, a pen and your fantasy! Your stories start to live, fascinate, surprise and excite. They read like a train. That gives satisfaction!

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

Stephen King
  • learn to write fluent stories and striking texts
  • know how to find inspiration and start your writing adventure
  • make money by publishing your stories and writings
  • turning your love of text and language into your profession
  • studying at your own pace, with space for your work, your family and your hobbies
Creative Writing
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
  • cpCourseTypeHome
  • 3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma
  • €209
cpProgram Creative Writing
Creative Writing - Online Course
  • Your future possibilities as a writer
  • How do I start writing and where can I find inspiration?
  • All aspects of a story: who? what? true? when?
  • Choose a narrative perspective
  • Develop characters with real emotions
  • Write credible dialogues
  • Increase tension and build in cliffhanger
  • Use correct language
  • Writing is scraping
  • The different genres: from column to children's stories
  • Have your manuscript published and promoted
Creative Writing - Home Course
  • Find inspiration and overcome your writers' block
  • Master all the techniques to write a coherent and compelling text
  • Work out intriguing characters, story lines and plot twists
  • Telling perspective, style figure and time order? You let the puzzle pieces fit together!
  • Publish and promote a story
Course - Creative Writing
  • Writer at a magazine or publisher
  • Independent author, blogger, poet, columnist, ...


You can get started right after your registration! The digital course is on your profile page and on the online student platform within 1 minute. We deliver the paper version to the post at the same time. You will receive that version in your letterbox in no time. From day one, a passionate teacher will guide you through the online student platform. The teacher gives you useful feedback and answers to all your questions. So you are never alone! Home studies also offer absolute freedom: you study where and when you want.


The registration fee for the Creative Writing course is only 209.00 euros. For this you first of all receive a detailed course book with examples and exercises. You will also receive online guidance for a year from a professional top teacher with a heart for word and language. Finally, you enjoy access to our online student platform and the opportunity to take a free exam within a broad period of five years. That is possible at one of our different exam locations! This way you immediately have everything within reach for a successful home training!

Creative Writing
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
  • cpCourseTypeHome
  • 3-6 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • cpCourseTypeDiplomaPrefix diploma
  • €209

cpStartNewCarreer Creative Writing. cpChooseQualityEducationWith Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning.

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I used to write stories for my niece and nephew and it got me hooked on writing. I'd like to write for a more adult audience now and maybe earn a penny now and then. So far the course is great. The writer includes text samples that illustrate every technique. Also, the teacher responds within a couple of hours and he has a ton of extra tips to give you.


Signing up was easy. I could immediately log in to my account and use the digital course. The paper version was sent to me in two days. Unfortunately I couldn't take the exam cause I live too far away but the teacher gave me a kind of portfolio task for which I had to write a short story, a poem and an epistolary novel chapter all within the same story. It taught me a lot about writing. Great course.