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Advanced Foot Reflexology

  • Diploma
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  • 3-6 month.plural
  • Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional

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Is foot reflexology your thing? Have you already followed our basic training? Then this in-depth follow-up training is definitely for you. The course deepens, expands and lifts your skills to a higher level. That makes you a total expert!

Foot reflexology is not just relaxing. Foot massages also stimulate physical and mental health. By treating the reflex zones closely you restore the energy flow of the body. You also stimulate the healing power of the body. This in turn reinforces the immune system. This way everything is nicely balanced again!

This follow-up course is comprehensive: both physical, psychological and energetic aspects of the foot massage are discussed. You learn it all in this course!

  • further specialize yourself in foot reflexology
  • learn everything about anamnesis, foot inspection and palpation
  • earn more by offering customers an even better and more complete service
  • enjoy online guidance by an experienced reflexologist
  • study comfortably at home at your own pace and in your own way
Advanced Foot Reflexology
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 month.plural
  • cpEducationTypeProfessional
  • €249
cpProgram Advanced Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexologist (Advanced) - Training Course
  • Your Future Opportunities as a Foot Reflexologist
  • The working of foot reflexology
  • Further expand your professional session
  • Case history, inspection and palpation
  • Drawing up a professional work plan
  • Applying advanced techniques
  • Relieving certain symptoms
  • Starting as an independent Foot reflexologist
Foot Reflexologist (Advanced) - Practical Course
  • Prepare a work plan based on an interview, a foot inspection and a palpation? You know how to tackle!
  • Knowing all kinds of symptoms and alleviating ailments
  • Developing your own practice
Foot Reflexologist (Advanced) - Affordable Course
  • Assistant to a podiatrist
  • Employee in a massage parlor or health center
  • Independent foot reflexologist


After your registration, the road is immediately open for you. The digital course is on your profile page and on the online learning platform within the minute. The paper version will be posted immediately. You can find them quickly on the bus at your home. From then on you have absolute freedom: you study where and when it fits. During one year you will receive online supervision by a qualified and specialized podiatrist. So you are never alone! If you are ready, take your exam at one of our exam locations. Successful? Then you are the proud owner of a diploma Advanced Foot Reflexology.


For this follow-up course Advanced Foot Reflexology you only pay 249.00 euros. For this you will receive an illustrated course book, a year-long professional guidance from a qualified podiatrist, access to our online student platform and the possibility to take a free exam within a period of five years. That is possible at one of our different exam locations. Success with these benefits is guaranteed!

Advanced Foot Reflexology
  • Diploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 month.plural
  • €249

cpStartNewCarreer Advanced Foot Reflexology. cpChooseQualityEducationWith Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning.

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