Cat Breeder

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  • 3-6 month.plural
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Cat Breeder, cpProfessionWithFuture

Cats are loving animals. Each cat has its own individual character and are generally more independent than dogs. As a cat breeder it is also important to know how to deal with small kittens.

This course has everything for you: from the different types of breeds, about pedigrees, the needed supplies to take good care of your cats. You will also learn everything about cat behavior and how to avoid certain ailments by studying the genetic map of the cat.

This is how you approach cat breeding in the most responsible way! 

  • to help your favorite cats start a family
  • to breed kittens in a safe, responsible and animal-friendly way
  • to learn all about breeding programs, pedigrees and hereditary disorders
  • to know the rules and registration process for cat breeders by heart
  • at study at home at your own pace, with online support from a purebred cat expert
Cat Breeder
  • cpCertificationDiploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 month.plural
  • €249
cpProgram Cat Breeder
Cat Breeder - Online Course
  • How do cats behave?
  • What cat breeds are there?
  • Which breed is the best for breeding?
  • Analysis of the pedigree
  • Overview of hereditary disorders
  • How do you choose the cat (s) you will breed with?
  • Supplies for a cat farm
  • Legislation
  • How do you start breeding cats yourself?
  • Many other fun cat facts!
Cat Breeder - Home Course
  • The behavior of cats no longer holds any secrets for you
  • Extensive knowledge of cat breeds, legislation and hereditary disorders
  • Choosing the perfect cat to breed with
  • How do you start breeding cats yourself? You know how to handle this!
Course Cat Breeder
  • Independent cat breeder
  • Assistant to a cat breeder
  • Employee in an animal shelter



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