Business Coaching

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  • 3-6 month.plural
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Company Coach, cpProfessionWithFuture

Every employee and every manager benefits from a pleasant working atmosphere, certainly in a competitive environment. Do you want to coach and grow colleagues? Do you want to support managers? Then the position of Company Coach is just what you are looking for!

During this home course, you get to know different coaching models and motivation techniques from HR. That way you are perfectly capable of taking on any business.

You ensure that colleagues get to know themselves better and come to work with pleasure. You provide atmosphere, comfort and motivation in the workplace in a professional manner. That leads to better business performance. That is precisely why skilled Business Coaches are so popular!

  • turning any company or team into a well-oiled machine
  • coaching employees to achieve the best in the workplace to give of oneself
  • know how to resolve disputes and conflicts in a structural way
  • increase dynamics and productivity in the workplace
  • at home study at your own pace, with online support from a real top teacher
Business Coaching
  • cpCertificationDiploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 month.plural
  • €249
cpProgram Business Coaching
Business Coaching  -Online Course
  • Types of business coaching and the differences with therapy, mentoring, consultancy and training
  • Different coaching models such as result-oriented coaching, appreciative coaching, facilitating coaching, ...
  • Performance management: planning, performance and evaluation interviews
  • Do's & don'ts during performance interviews
  • Different forms of learning & development
  • Career guidance within a business context
  • Career stages and stages of life
  • The different stages and characteristics of a (top) team
  • The different steps in external company coaching
Home Course Business Coaching
  • Apply different coaching techniques in different situations
  • Motivate employees? Enthusiasm is your middle name!
  • Performance and competence management is your sixth sense.
Course Business Coaching
  • Career counselor or performance manager at any type of company
  • Internal company coach within a company
  • Freelance / external company coach



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