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What makes you who you are? Knowledge is power! To get anywhere in life you must first and foremost know yourself. Which things make your life better and give you satisfaction? This also applies to the people around you. With astrological insight you place your relationship with your environment in a context that makes everything much clearer. What about your love life, your career, your dreams, ...?

Discover what is written in the stars with this specially designed home course Astrology!

From at home and at your own pace you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Vedic astrology. You learn all about the signs of the zodiac, the influence of the planets, etc. Thanks to this home study you know all the secrets of Vedic astrology. Register now and launch a professional career as an astrologer!

  • learn to unravel the secrets of stars and planets
  • delve into the signs of the zodiac
  • make your own predictions and professional horoscopes
  • enjoy online guidance by a skilled astrologer
  • comfortably study the starry sky from home
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cpProgram Astrology
Astrology Online Lessons
  • Horoscope Types
  • What is Vedic Astrology?
  • The twelve signs of the zodiac
  • The celestial bodies of our solar system
  • Planetary relationships and aspects
  • The influence of heavenly bodies
Astrology Home Course
  • Knowledge of the different horoscope types
  • Basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology
  • Making general and concrete predictions
  • Recognizing the celestial bodies of our solar system
  • Recognize and explain the twelve signs of the zodiac
Online Course Astrology
  • Independent astrologer
  • Assistant astrologer
  • Giving astrology workshops



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Performance Coach

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Elisaveta Pavlova Elisaveta Pavlova

Emotion Management

Doctor in Psychology, Master in Counseling Psychology, BA with Double Majors in Psychol...

Danny Leribaux Danny Leribaux

Kok - Restauranthouder


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