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Do you know why therapy animals are used in healthcare?

Having a friendly animal nearby causes a calming effect, which positively affects blood pressure and heart rate. Furry companions also boost endorphin production and even help healing processes. A successfully trained therapy animal is an amazing healthcare asset.

And you can be the hero preparing those amazing assets.

Do you love animals? Do you want to use that love to help people? Then Animal Assisted Therapy is the right path for you! Learn how to choose and train a therapy animal. The two of you will be out there helping people and winning hearts in no time. Sign up today!

  • to turn your love for animals into an exciting healthcare career
  • to bring smiles to people's faces along with your furry friend
  • to have the opportunity to work in different environments- from retirement homes to hospitals
  • to have fun at your job and gain satisfaction from doing it
  • to study at home at your own pace, with online support from a successful tutor
Animal Assisted Therapy
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
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cpProgram Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal Assisted Therapy - Online Course
  • The bond between humans and dogs
  • History of animal therapy
  • What are therapy animals used for?
  • Psychological benefits of therapy animals
  • Effects of therapy dogs in children
  • Effect of breeds on behavior and training
  • Choosing your ideal dog
  • Stress, calming signals and the bite-o-meter
  • Dog well-being; diseases
  • Dog trsaining; following commands
  • Preparing for therapy visits
Animal Assisted Therapy - Home Study
  • Train the perfect therapy animal
  • Master various training tips and basic commands for therapy animals
  • Recognizing stress in animals, use of calming signals and the bite- o-meter
Animal Assisted Therapy - Home Course
  • Therapy animal trainer
  • Independent educator / dog trainer
  • Dog school employeee
  • Animal care center volunteer



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