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For thousands of years, we've been trying to find out how our bodies work. Are you also intrigued by the complex inner workings of our system? Then the Basic Anatomy Course is just for you!

You take a closer look at the ins and outs of the body. Learn about the functions of the muscles, lungs, digestive tract, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nervous system and more. Find out how they all work together to keep us going. Anatomy is a fundamental subject for anyone considering a career in medicine, pharmaceutics, massage therapy or another similar direction.

This course gives you the knowledge you need to advance in your chosen field- and you can get it from the comfort of your own home!

  • to prepare yourself for the healthcare sector
  • to discover the inner workings of the human body
  • to improve your knowledge of medical terminology
  • to have exclusive access to a personal tutor
  • to do all of that from your home, and at your own pace
Anatomy and Physiology
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
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cpProgram Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology Online Course
  • Terminology
  • General morphology
  • Specific morphology
  • Nervous system
  • Lungs and respiratory system
  • Heart and blood vessels
  • Digestive tract
  • Kidneys
  • The senses
  • Basic Physiology
  • Workings of the organ system
Home Study Anatomy and Physiology
  • Knowledge of terminology lets you understand all subject matter
  • Familiarity with all muscles and bones
  • Understanding how the human body works
Home Course Anatomy and Physiology
  • Preparation for future students: Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceuticals 
  • Supplement for the courses: Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Beautician



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