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Whether you turn on the TV, open the newspaper or surf the Internet, chances are that you will be confronted with American content. America is and remains one of the most important international players in the political, economic and cultural fields. It is therefore worthwhile to delve further into the culture and history of the US.

In this course, you will learn more about American history, politics and culture. You will earn everything about the Civil War, the Jazz Age and the New Deal. You will become acquainted with the system of Checks & Balances, the Constitution and will discover why the Second Amendment is so controversial. In addition, you gain more insight into the importance of media, sports and Hollywood within American culture.

Would you like to know everything about the American Dream? Register quickly for this course and 'Make your future great again'!

  • to dive into American culture, politics and society
  • to have an objective position on various current topics and issues
  • to study the ins and outs of the country with all its states in detail
  • to keep up with the latest developments taking place in the US
American Studies
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cpProgram American Studies
American Studies Online Course
  • The history of America
  • The constitution, civil rights, second amendment
  • Federalism, democracy, checks & balances
  • American culture and values
  • Media, news and press freedom in the US
  • Racial and ethnic diversity in the US
  • America worldwide
Study course American Studies
  • You will be able to talk passionately about the Civil War, Roosevelt's New Deal and the Watergate scandal
  • You will know everything about the hot issues of American politics such as the arms law, immigration and ethnic diversity
  • You will have more insight into American culture and the most important norms and values ​​of the US
American Studies Distance Learning
  • American expert
  • American journalist
  • Employee in a company with American customers, partners or colleagues



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