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Does your job lead you to situations where you find that being aggressive is unacceptable? Have you already had a few nerve-racking experiences?

Then quickly learn how to calm yourself in stressful situations, how to stand up for yourself and limit aggressive behavior toward yourself and others!

With this practical home course you learn to create space for constructive communication and prepare yourself to be confident and effectively cope with aggression. Both within yourself and with others you learn to recognize and master aggression. After this course you have the right mental mindset and the proper knowledge to tackle every kind of aggression.

  • to help adults or children understand their emotions better
  • to know how to deal with different forms of aggression professionally
  • to help people approach problems in a healthy way
  • to refine your approach as a mom, dad, teacher, coach, nurse, etc.
  • to study comfortably at home at your own pace and in your own way
  • cpCertificationDiploma
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 month.plural
  • €249
cpProgram Aggression
Home Course Dealing with Aggression
  • Aggression, anxiety and stress
  • Aggression and self-harm
  • Open aggression and disguised aggression
  • Structure and sources of aggression
  • Aggression in various subcultures
  • Checklist for self-help
  • Aggression in the workplace
  • Aggression in children
  • Sexual harassment
Course Dealing with Aggression
  • Various conflict management styles
  • How to act appropriately in aggressive or life-threatening situations
  • Assertively setting boundaries
  • Recognizing and calming aggression in yourself
Dealing with Aggression Home Study
  • Independent aggression coach
  • Assistant aggression coach
  • Aggression coach in an organization or company
  • Aggression coach at school



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