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Anyone who already has a basic knowledge of Italian is in good hands with the Italian For Advanced course. You further expand your grammar and vocabulary so that you fully master this language.

With this course, you learn to further develop your language skills uniquely! You are able to read, understand and write Italian series, articles, and letters without using a dictionary. And when you travel to Italy, you will no longer feel like a stranger! You know the country and its inhabitants through and through and you breathe Italian culture yourself. And most importantly – you will become a perfect employee for every company that works it Italian businesses!

  • brush up your knowledge of Italian or take it to a higher level
  • complex grammar and an extensive vocabulary under get the hang of it
  • thoroughly prepare yourself for your new job or your studies abroad
  • read Italian newspapers, sing songs or watch television without problems
  • study at home at your own pace, with online guidance by a passionate language teacher
Advanced Italian
  • Certificate
  • cpHomeCourseType
  • 3-6 month.plural
  • €299
cpProgram Advanced Italian
Advanced Italian - Online Course
  • New vocabulary and grammar
  • Extensive knowledge of expressions and sayings
  • Reading and understanding Italian articles and texts
  • Useful business terms
  • Your knowledge is very successful
Course - Advanced Italian
  • Have detailed, easy conversations
  • Identify specific situations correctly
  • Being able to provide detailed product information
Advanced Italian - Home Course
  • Translator Italian
  • Guide Italian
  • Tourist employee
  • Employee at a travel company
  • ...



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