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Adobe Lightroom is a must for just about every photographer. It is a program with an enormous number of possibilities. You can best describe the software as a photo database combined with an editing program. Using Lightroom you can edit your photos digitally and store them in a structured way in a database. This way you don't lose the quality!

The handy thing about this is that you can immediately add categories and tags to organize thousands of photos. You bring much needed structure to your work. You keep your photos organized per theme and they will be easy to find afterwards. This is a real necessity for every photographer who views life, as a true professional, through a photo lens.

  • learn to work professionally with Lightroom
  • discover all the tools and possibilities of this super-handy program
  • efficiently view, manage and edit all of your photos
  • increase the quality of your photos to a higher level in a jiffy
  • study at home at your own pace, with online supervision by a real top photographer
Adobe Lightroom
Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning
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cpProgram Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom - Online Course
  • What are the most important functionalities and settings of Lightroom?
  • What operations can you perform with Lightroom?
  • Learn to import photos into a catalog
  • How do you adjust the exposure correctly?
  • Make virtual copies of your work
  • How can you apply the correct color temperature?
  • What is lens correction and how do you remove chromatic aberration?
  • Which shortcuts can you use?
Lightroom - Distance Learning
  • Working with all Lightroom functionalities, both in terms of storage and editing
  • Knowing the most frequent shortcuts within the program to work faster and more efficiently
Lightroom - Home Study
  • Finalist at a photo studio
  • Photo editor at a magazine
  • Photo editor at graphic service



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