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22/12/2020 Amari Lindroos

Writing requires talent, but at the same time it is a skill that you can develop. Whether you aspire to a career as a best-selling author, want to convince clients with recruiting texts or simply write stories for fun, as a writer you will continue to grow endlessly! Once you get your hands on the writing microbe, you'll never get rid of it. So why not immerse yourself in a course to sharpen your smooth pen even more?

Writer: a profession with many sides

It is an outdated cliché that as a writer you don't earn your living, because the profession of 'writer' doesn't really exist. Someone who writes texts does not immediately write novels. Bloggers are writers. Copywriters are writers and even those responsible for communication are writers. These are professions for which there is a lot of demand, but for which a certain language skills are required. Fortunately, thanks to numerous training courses at our school, you can practice these skills.


Writing in the future time

It is obvious that in this digital society jobs in the media are very popular, but not only new companies are looking for writers. Technology and entertainment companies, public relations, advertising agencies and publishers also need people who can write quality, flawless texts. No doubt it sounds less spectacular than a dream job as an author, but companies are begging for writers. The problem is that few linguistic courses prepare you for that. Not every writer has learned to make texts SEO-proof, which is however a crucial skill to appear in search results. Even when writing simple, short messages on social media, you take into account a lot of rules, which you don't learn except in specific courses. Trainings like ours.

Writing from home


To write you only need a pen and paper or, more convenient, a computer. In other words, you can start writing wherever you are, and the same goes for our school. Thanks to our home courses, you can develop your writing talent from home and get your diploma remotely. Such a study method also prepares you for your later work. More and more companies have discovered the advantages of working from home this year, and as a writer you can easily work from a distance.

Of course, no one is stopping you from becoming the new G.R.R. Martin or Margaret Atwood. But remember that it's best to combine writing with a steady income, while waiting for your big breakthrough. Are you still looking for something and would you like to continue your education? Be sure to take a look at our full range of courses or delve into another blog like this one.

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