Companies need freelancers and career switchers!

22/12/2020 Amari Lindroos

A lot of business employers are currently looking for new talent or extra freelance workers. Even after the crisis, this high demand will continue to grow. In the professional business world there are currently a lot of opportunities that you can respond to perfectly. As freelancer or employed. Different companies have to continuously adapt to changing circumstances and that causes a high workload. Think mainly of departments and sectors such as ‘Administration’, ‘ Economics & Finances', ‘AccountancyComputer skills', and 'Management & Entrepreneurship'.

Companies need more than ever security, resilient business operations, crisis management, regulation & government measures, a decent supply chain and so much more! Be smart and become a real winner within the following businesses:


Administration & Computer Skills

Within the 'administration' business, the digital transformation will accelerate. Companies are looking for technically skilled business managers, bookkeepers, administrative employees, administrative freelancers or employees who can train and help teams with the latest software and applications and their administrative skills & computer skills. The golden rule is therefore: whatever profession you are in, keep up with your digital knowledge.

In addition, adaptability within this sector is also very important. If we work remotely more often and hold fewer meetings at the office, for example, the role of receptionist or management assistant will be completely different. The demand for office managers or receptionists who can think creatively, solve problems and are positive and eager to learn is therefore extremely high.

Cloud computing

As an administrative clerk or assistant, your computer skills really need to be up to scratch right now. Cloud-based applications are becoming increasingly important. Companies of all sizes will continue to use these services and platforms. It will be the foundation of companies that want to remain agile in a post-crisis world.

This major turnaround also brings other important benefits: less resource consumption and better collaboration between different departments. As a result, companies will be able to switch more quickly to projects and test out concepts without having to spend a lot of time and money in advance. They only pay for the resources they consume.

As more industries and companies try to embrace new computer skills and technologies within their business model, it is all the more necessary to have a secure network. Cyber crime and a career as an Internet specialist are therefore certainly also useful within this sector!

Be smart and start a career within 'administration'!


Economics & Finances

For financial and administrative functions, the starting salary will undoubtedly increase. In addition, companies are also looking for a lot of extra freelance bookkeepers and talents with knowledge of business management. For interim managers and employees with specific knowledge, for example of cyber security, salaries are expected to increase even more.

Keeping a company financially healthy remains the biggest challenge at the moment. Moreover, even before the crisis, there was a shortage of personnel in accounting and financial jobs. That has not changed. In order to meet the high demand in accounting in the long term, a new influx of talent is urgently needed.

So do you dream of a career as a financial manager or as a business manager? Then start a career within 'Economics & Finances'!

Vehicles & Transportation (Logistics)

As e-commerce and digital marketing continue to flourish, the logistics and supply chain sector is also flourishing and the sector needs a lot of freelance talent. In addition to the 'essential areas' such as healthcare & food that need goods faster than ever, the logistics industry also has the ambition to grow fundamentally locally.

Food deliveries, online shopping... Many companies are forced to rethink their supply chains and logistics. To do so, they are looking for talent and logistics staff. In the short term, the winners include those who can effectively deal with collapsed logistics chains.

Companies will have to create more opportunities to use high-end technology to reduce costs, time and waste in their supply chains, which will undoubtedly require a lot of jobs!


HR (Human Resources)

A lot of organizations are disrupted these days. As a result, many companies and human resources managers have to start thinking differently. New business structures are needed for the future. Many companies have to switch to a new internal system and new internal conditions. This at a pace that no one has ever seen before. That requires a lot of organization.

Because face-to-face collaboration is being replaced by e-mail and video conferencing, HR managers have to do difficult work under challenging circumstances. HR-managers do everything they can to keep their employees productive, motivated, engaged and connected - all factors that drive goals in the new normal life.

There are already studies showing that organizations want their employees to work from home after the crisis. This shift will be accompanied by many new HR-challenges. Work is already underway on new technology to quickly create solutions, purchase equipment and provide access to an efficient system remotely. In this way, remote collaboration must continue to be successful. So an extra or freelance HR-manager is a real added value!

Looking for even more inspiration? Are you a psychologist, therapist, coach or supervisor? Do you have extra time on your hands and do you want to attract more clients, or do you want to switch to online guidance? Then be sure to check out our blog to offer virtual practice sessions!


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